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In August of 2012 I took a small group of hikers to Lake Valhalla, near Stevens Pass; about 6 miles round trip. I’d done the same hike a week before and knew there’d be bugs. We saw the mosquitoes before ever getting out of the car! Laurie Phinney brought a fresh batch of ‘skeeter defeater’ with her on the hike; both the spray and “roll on” stick. We applied it before we got out of the car. The only bites I got that day were through the fabric of my shirt where I hadn’t sprayed the “bug stuff”. Laurie shared lots of her products” with people on the trail, all of whom raved about its effectiveness. She was even approached by people who’d heard about the “stuff” from other hikers and sought her out to try it.

The short of it is: it’s all natural and knowing Laurie I’m confident that it’s made with the very best ingredients.

Try it, it works!

Dana Henry

Dana’s Destinations